COB vs SMD Technology

COB vs SMD Technology

What is COB LED?

COB is also referred to as chip on board and is featured in different devices. It is the latest technology in the Led industry that is meant to fill in for the shortcomings of the SMD led.


This type of led uses 9 or more diodes that are fixed together to create a single light source. It is made to be very compact which means it will take up less space when used on devices.

They are made to provide even light that is multi-directional and can be used in different applications. COB led can be found in various devices including cameras, smartphones, spotlights, and floodlights. 

What is SMD LED?

SMD refers to surface-mounted device Led’s. This type is the most common in the market and caters to a lot of people. The led chip is fused to a printed circuit board (PCB) that is built on a flat rectangular-shaped object.
This is what is referred to as SMD. It is mainly found in filament lights, bulbs, and the notification light on phones. This type of led varies greatly given the fact that it can work with only two contacts.

SMD technology is also referred to as SMT ( surface mount technology). It came to replace the old technology that used wire leads during assembly. This technology is preferred because it is more efficient and mounting is done on small minute devices.
This enables the technology to fit in more electronics utilizing a very small space. This technology also facilitates the automated assembly of PCB and also the application of soldering.


Different production efficiency

SMD: SMD's production efficiency is low.
COB: The production efficiency of COB is higher than SMD.

Different light source quality

SMD: smd is a point light emitted by multiple point light sources attached together. SMD's discrete devices exist point light and glare.
COB: Cob is a surface light. Compared with smd, the illumination is more uniform, there is no halo, the angle beam of COB is large and easy to adjust, there is no spot light or glare.




COB technology ensures the uniformity of light without double image like incandescent. The light from lamps COB looks pure and natural while lights from lamps with single LED chip has double image.




Lighting Fixture with COB Technology  

Light from COB is soft and uniform, giving people stereoscopic vision and making the subject natural.





Lighting Fixture with SMD Technology SMD Technology

Light from single LED chips creates a weak stereoscopic feeling ank makes the subject blurring and unclear in boundary with double image.