• Light Source COB
  • Efficacy 130 lm/W
  • Color Black, White
  • CRI >97
  • Input 220 V
  • CCT 2500/3000/4000/5000/6000/7000/8000
  POWER CRI LUMEN Dimension Light Angle
HESTIA-TR 10W Ra>97 1200 ø58x100x178 15°|20°|30°|45°
HESTIA-TR 20W Ra>97 2400 ø58x100x178 15°|20°|30°|45°
HESTIA-TR 30W Ra>97 3600 ø58x100x178 15°|20°|30°|45°


Tracklight version of the HESTIA family; with its three-phase and mono-phase track options, modern design, stylish appearance, it comes with different options in of light angle.

Luminaire can be easily used in lighting projects such as stores, showcases, shelves, museums, hotels, cafeterias, restaurants, where accent lighting and decorative adjustable lighting desired. Thanks to its aesthetic appearance, it complements the interior architecture and adapts to the architectural interior decorations.

The specially designed reflector reflects the light to the desired point in a very homogeneous way and emphasize the objects. The aluminum heat sink, helps COB type LED module to keep the optimum temperature level and extends its life span by rapidly lowering the heat.

The HESTIA series offers flexible lighting solutions for museums, shops, exhibitions, furniture, textiles with 10W, 20W, 30W power and 15 °, 24 °, 38 °, 45 ° light angle. HESTIA is equipped with COB, the world's leading high power and high efficiency light output with pure light saturation, and advanced intelligent lighting control system, offering surface mounting, recessed mounting and track mounting.

Hestia perfectly reveals the impressive appeal of objects with the advanced optics system that meets the strictest lighting requirements such as in museums, art galleries, shops.

With maximum uniformity of light quality and up to 97% color renderin index (CRI), HESTIA reveals pure, smooth, saturated, tireless and penetrating light and faithfully revives original colors and reveals more details of precious antiques and arts.