• Body Color RAL Code
  • Efficacy 165 lm/W
  • CRI >80
  • Input 220 V
  • CCT 3000K/4000K/6500K
HCL-YT 56/D 56 High Efficient Mid-Power LED 9289 335x335x155 66
HCL-YT 62/D 62 High Efficient Mid-Power LED 10362 335x335x155 66
HCL-YT 76/D 76 High Efficient Mid-Power LED 12693 335x335x155 66
HCL-YT 79/D 79 High Efficient Mid-Power LED 12974 335x335x155 66
HCL-YT 83/D 83 High Efficient Mid-Power LED 13376 335x335x155 66
HCL-YT 88/D 88 High Efficient Mid-Power LED 14030 335x335x155 66
HCL-YT 98/D 98 High Efficient Mid-Power LED 15632 335x335x155 66
HCL-YT 132/D 132 High Efficient Mid-Power LED 20643 335x335x155 66
HCL-YT 83/G 83 High Efficient Mid-Power LED 13556 335x335x155 66
HCL-YT 88/G 88 High Efficient Mid-Power LED 14085 335x335x155 66
HCL-YT 132/G 132 High Efficient Mid-Power LED 20770 335x335x155 66









TEKNOMAX brings together its high knowledge in optics and lighting with the latest generation LED s provided by technology. Thus, it achieves the highest efficiency and savings among the fixture types.

The high level of savings in the lighting of areas where energy is consumed a lot, such as industrial facilities, depends on the correct selection of luminaires. You will feel the difference by using the best-in-class, long-lasting TEKNOMAX luminaires in facilities that are newly established or are illuminated with existing traditional lamp types.

Luminaires will pay off their own investment in a short time with low energy consumption, easily adapt to automation systems, and turn into a profitable investment that saves significantly as they use it.

High quality Miro aluminum is used in the luminaires. In this way, it is ensured that the light reaches the directed surface with the lowest loss.
Reflectors are designed in two different structures and are produced to direct the light to the area in a narrow or wide angle. While narrow angle is preferred at a height of 12mt and above, wide angle reflector types should be preferred for lower ceilings. In this way, smoothness levels and a homogeneous distribution can be achieved in the area to be illuminated.